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 13 мая 2020г.How do I get started with M1?

How to become a shareholder of the International Consumer Cooperative "LGR"? How do I save Fiat (not backed by gold) money in gold equivalent?

 26 июня 2019г.Stage of formation LGR

Meeting of supporters of consumer cooperation with the financial Director of the international consumer cooperative «Light Great Russia» A.Paramonov.

 16 марта 2019г.Accreditation of the ICC «LGR» in the United Nations (UN)

As a result of the work carried out, ICC «LGR» successfully passed accreditation in the UN on March 16, 2019

 29 сентября 2018г.Development of consumer cooperation!

Colleagues from The leadership People's Liberation Movement of the USSR at a meeting on cooperation.

 29 сентября 2018г.Principle of operation of ICC «LGR»

Colleagues From the leadership of the People's Liberation Movement of the USSR on the principle of the International Consumer Cooperative «Light Great Russia»

 17 сентября 2018г.ICC «Light Great Russia» received the status of International

The status Of the International Consumer Cooperative "Light Great Russia" was changed to international due to the fact that on September 17, 2018, several foreign companies were included in the number of shareholders of the ICC "LGR".

 13 сентября 2018г.Socio economic development of the USSR

The gold and currency reserve of the ICC "Light Great Russia" is 9,000 (nine thousand) metric tons of gold.